The Amplifiers

Femder Princeton Reverb - '65 Reissue

This is my new Princeton. I have wanted one of these for a longtime. Great little amp and just pure Fender tone. I got this baby for a great price! So glad I was able to get this.

Super Champ X2 Combo

I think this is the best sounding small amp out there for clean and over driven tubes for under $400. It sounds fantastic and has that classic Fender sound. 15 Watts with a 10" speaker. The clean channel sounds just like a Princeton to me.. very nice. The modeling section is great with 16 different amps and an array of effects. The Fender and Vox amps are killer on this. This amp uses a 3 tube set up to get those great tones.

Super Champ X2 Head

The head version of this great little amp. I love it. I mated the head version with the 1 - 12 " cabinet designed for it use.. the SC112. I did change out the stock Celestion speaker for a Cannabis Rex from Eminence. Awesome sounding!

The Fender Mustang III V2

The Mustang III is a 100W modelling solid stage amplifier with a 12 inch speaker. Their are 18 basic am models, a wad of stomp boxes, effects etc. to make unlimited presets. There are 100 presets in the amp.This amp is fun to play around with, but I have a difficult time making it sound anywhere near as good as my Super Champs.

The Bugera 5V

This is a neat little amp. It's a 5 watt tube amp with reverb!! It also has a power attenuator. The negative on this amp is the amp is difficult to get a bright tone out of it. Fairly dark, but still a very cool amp. There is a mod available that fixes this issue that I may try.

The Front Man 25R

The Frontman 25R is a neat little amp. I really like it and find it easy to get a great tone from it. Speaker doesn't sound bad but I will eventually replace it with another. I can get a really great country twang tone out of it.

The Blues Jr. 

The Fender Blues Jr. , I bought this when I bought the American Special Stratocaster. This amp I just did not care for. Just way to spikey and bright. I ended up selling it after about a year. A lot of guys liked them and still do, I just never bonded with it.

The Next Few Amps

I believe I traded that Champ in on a little Peavey Rage amp. Wish I had hung onto the Champ. I did not have the Peavey very long and then I went into acoustic mode for several years. In the mid 80's I picked up one of these Dean Markley K50 solid state amp. It was a nice little amp. 35 watts I think. Had it for several years. I was playing a G & L ASAT at the time. I had an ash natural and also a tobacco burst one that I played. I really enjoyed this amp. Wish I had a decent picture of one.

The First Electric Guitar Amp

This was the very first guitar amp that I owned. I bought it used in 1977 at a local music store. That store still open today but under another name. I had a couple knock off teles back in those days.. like a Memphis that was an Asian knock off of the Fender Deluxe Telecast in black. Really was a nice guitar. The had a little radio shack reverb unit that sounded terrible hook up to it...:)  I used to think the vibrato channel was so cool!

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