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The Classic Vibe CV50 Vintage Blonde

This one is the CV50 in Vintage Blonde.. basically the same pine body etc. with obviously a white finish but also this one has a "hotter" Alnico III pick up. Great twanger!

The Classic Vibe Thinline - Natural

What a sweet guitar. Pattered after the 60's version of this guitar, it plays, looks and sound fantastic. It weights less than 5 lbs. You have to see this one up close to see how the finish just pops on the natural mahongany. Uses the Alnico V pick ups and sounds fantastic.. different that the Alnico V CV50 tele even though the same pick up. Must be because of the light weight, mahogany wood and steel bridge. Fantastic guitar!

The Fender Deluxe "Nashville" Tele

This is a great guitar. The "Nashville" tele in a beautiful Candy Apple Red fishing. The addition of the 3rd pick up allows this to have both the sound of a tele and a stratocaster in one guitar. Also has S1 switching installed allow additional sounds. Beautiful feeling neck on this guitar. I had the bridge changed to a MIM standard bridge.

The Classic Vibe CV50 Butterscotch Blonde Tele

This is another beautiful guitar from Squier, the Classic Vibe 50's in Butterscotch Blonde (BSB) and this is one of my favorites. Beautiful nice C shape neck. Great action and nice set up. I put a white pickguard on instead of the black, otherwise she is stock.

The Fender Standard White Chrome Pearl Tele

This one is the 2011 Anniversary Year - Fender Standar MIM Tele in White Chrome Pearl which was a special color release that year. If you look real close you can see the metal flake, very cool guitar.
This guitar plays extremely nice and is set up prefectly. I replaced the ceramic bridge pick up with a GFS 60's high out put.. sounds fabulous. MIM Standards are wonderful guitars.. just change the ceramic pickups and your ready!!

The Douglas Thinline W/P90s

Nice guitar from A thinline with P90s. Very nice guitar, very cool looking. Had to get it set up and intonated. Pickups sound pretty nice. A very 60's rock vibe. The neck is very flat and wide. Feels nice.

The Welch TS Classic

This one is a Japanese import by Heath Welch. Very nice guitar guitars for the money. Much more of a beefier neck than a Squier Classic Vibe. It also is a tad flatter.. I believe the radius is around a 12. Very nice playing and utilizes a Wilkerson bridge and pickups. I did change out the bridge and installed a Tone Rider in it's place, I just like those pick ups. I don't care for the neck pick up either and will change that eventually. Plays and sounds nice. As you will notice, I have put the "worn" finish on it. I dulled it up and sanded and knocked it up a bit for more of a vintage vibe. I dont like that headstock so will reshape it at some point. This is usually the one I grab to practice with and don't care if it get's knocked around. They are beautiful guitars right out of the box.

2011 Fender American Special Stratocaster

I bought this one in 2011 when I was just getting back into the guitars. I always loved teles but was always a Buddy Holly fan. I got a really smoking deal on this guitar and a blues junior amp. As it turned out, I didn't like either one of them! The strat was a very cool looking guitar and it had that big 70s headstock, but I couldn't get it to stay in tune. So back it went and I traded it in for the White Chrome Pear Telecaster shown above and the love affair with Tele's was on. Just the pick with the amp is my actual guitar. The rest are pics I found of the same model.

Memphis Custom Tele Copy

This was my very first electric guitar back in about 1981 or so. Bought it used at the pawn shop along with a brand new little Peavy amp. The guitar was actually a very nice guitar. Mine was black just like the one in the pic. I have thrown a pic of a white one in as well, only two photos of one I could find.

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